Throughout my life, I had tried numerous ways to lose weight only to fail every time. Dr. Hehmeyer’s approach of in-depth testing and personal assessments, plus her immense knowledge of nutritional supplements has helped me understand my relationship with food and how what I eat affects my body specifically. I instantly began to see results once I began following my personal plan. This is more than nutritional guidelines. This is a lifestyle change for better overall health. My health has improved, with weight-loss as a mere side effect. My focus, alertness, and overall energy have increased drastically. I now feel so much more comfortable around food and in social settings because she has given me the tools to be able to select what my body needs and how to nourish it, and be an “intuitive eater” rather than an “impulsive eater.” Dr. Hehmeyer’s enthusiasm, professionalism, compassion, and one-on-one support during this journey is what makes her different from all the other programs I’ve done before.   

- RP, Male, 32

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I had been struggling with a series of health issues for years – all different, and all seemingly unrelated. I was running out of hope that I would ever get answers when a colleague recommended Dr Hehmeyer. From our very first conversation, she was able to connect the dots and bring clarity to my health issues. I felt heard, safe, and genuinely cared for in every interaction, and have made great progress in so many areas of my health. Challenges that I have been dealing with for years are disappearing, and I am remembering what it feels like to have energy again! Her approach is thoughtful, supportive, non-judgmental and motivating. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

- EJ, Female, 45

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My life has completely changed upon being introduced to Dr. Hehmeyer. Prior to seeing her, I would get sick multiple times a year. Conventional doctors told me it was either normal, or they did not have a solution. After missing my children's events and time from work, I knew there had to be a better way to address my issues. I decided to try functional medicine. Dr. Hehmeyer listened to all of my issues and developed a specific plan to address them. Now I have more energy and have not been sick for over a year. I owe this life-changing health to Dr. Hehmeyer and the knowledge and attention she provided.    

- BD, Male, 45

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Dr. Hehmeyer helped me adopt a whole new approach to living. She helped me reduce my cholesterol, blood pressure, and inflammation and blood sugar levels. She taught me how to incorporate new daily routines and form healthy eating habits that have stuck with me. Most importantly, she showed me how to maintain a positive emotional and mental outlook as I continue in my work to permanently change the way I live my life.

- VM, Male, 47

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I cannot say enough good things about this practice! Dr. Hehmeyer is truly dedicated to helping her patients lead a healthier lifestyle. I came to her with serious digestive pain, and within a month of following her diet and supplement protocol, I can honestly say I am now pain free and feeling so much more energy than I ever have before. In addition to helping you make incremental changes in your diet and lifestyle, Jessie  is so approachable and truly there for you along the way. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to change the way they feel without the use of prescription drugs.

- KM, Female, 36


Dr. Hehmeyer brings deep knowledge and a unique perspective on nutrition. As a true partner, she provides constant encouragement while also ensuring I hold myself accountable. Dr. Hehmeyer helped me to realize the blocking point was me... the way I spoke to myself and the way I spoke about food. She helped me figure out WHY I wanted to make a change, which made all the difference. Now I have lost weight and improved my lab results, but more importantly I have created healthy habits by shifting my mindset. I never gave up... and I never will.

- JK, Female, 38

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Meeting with Dr. Hehmeyer was one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I struggled with digestive issues, skin disorders, and sleeping problems for as long as I can remember. Dr. Hehmeyer was very thorough and worked with me to find the root of these problems. We worked off of concrete lab results to get clear direction on how to tackle my issues. The dietary changes I made, coupled with the necessary supplements, vastly improved my digestion, skin and sleep. I now go about my life differently knowing the importance of what I put into my body.

- AC, Male, 39

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My journey started over two years ago when I left my physician’s office weighing 410 lbs and with a diabetes diagnosis. My physician put me on medication and showed me the door. I tried all sorts of diets and exercises, then reached a point in my journey where I was at a crossroads. I had lost close to 100 lbs, but I found that I still did not feel completely well.

That’s when I met Dr. Hehmeyer. The approach she took was simple… “Let’s see what the numbers say!” We started by taking all sorts of tests to understand my health from a data-driven perspective, an approach I liked because I have been in finance my whole life, and numbers do not lie. From those numbers, we started to come to a solution.

I just recently had a physical, and my doctor said that I am in perfect health and am no longer diabetic. I give all the credit to Dr. Hehmeyer! Your journey has to start somewhere, and it should start with her.

- BT, Male, 44

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I contacted Dr. Hehmeyer to help guide me in lowering my cholesterol through exercise, diet and supplements. After my initial consultation, Dr. Hehmeyer formulated a complete plan and motivated me to follow it in order to achieve my health goals. After one year, I have significantly reduced my cholesterol, but more importantly, I have a new understanding and appreciation for a diet that will serve me well for years to come. I highly recommend Dr. Hehmeyer to anyone who is looking to establish and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

 - TM, Male, 57

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