Brent Mastered Sustained Weight Loss!

“I want to see One-derland”, Brent said during our first meeting in late 2019.

Me: “What’s that?”

Brent: “I want to weigh under 200 lbs – more than 30lbs away from where I am right now.”

Brent shared that he had been riding the weight loss rollercoaster for two decades – ever since his time as a highly competitive high school athlete came to an end.

Over and over, Brent had lost weight through extreme measures and deprivation diets but had never been able to keep the weight off.

Instead, following each fad diet, Brent’s weight crept up. His waistline got bigger.

And he was DONE with the weight struggles. He was DONE with the self-defeating cycle.

Brent was ready to master his middleground and ditch the broken “all or nothing” approach.

Brent was 230lbs, uncomfortable in both his skin and his clothes and was ready to put an end to struggling with his weight once and for all.

For Brent, weight loss mastery was about much more than the scale.

He saw triumphing in this area of his life as access to being freed up to fully experience and author his life.

He saw weight loss mastery as an opportunity to actively vote for being on this great planet as long as possible, fully engaged and enjoying life – unlike many of his relatives who had suffered dearly from heart disease and diabetes.

Data as Access to Targeted Actions

Brent completed the lab tests I ordered, allowing us to answer a few key questions to determine his targeted path ahead towards weight loss mastery:

  • Was his thyroid working well?

    • Yes – no thyroid support needed.

  • Was inflammation elevated, interfering with his metabolism?

    • Yes – two inflammatory markers were elevated.

  • Did he have any nutrient deficiencies?

    • Yes

      • Vitamin D which plays an essential role in feeling satiety (full).

      • Vitamin B12 which plays an important role in metabolism.

  • Was his body processing carbohydrates effectively?

    • No, his labs put him in the category of prediabetic. Not only did this present a health risk but it also was interfering with weight loss.

This data showed me where Brent’s physiological barriers to weight loss were and as well as his physiological opportunities. This information allowed me to guide Brent with the nutritional shifts and select supplements needed to support slow, steady, sustainable weight loss.

Throughout 2020 Brent and I worked together closely.

He got into action and used our partnership to master the information, insights and strategies he needed for his weight loss mastery and self-sufficiency.

Brent’s Present-Day Truth + Triumphs

Brent lost over 25lbs and has maintained his weight for over two years. He had this to say about his success:

“I hadn’t weighed less than 210 lbs for longer than 6 months in 20 years. I hadn’t weighed less than 205 since my senior year in college. And I haven’t even felt like I’m dieting.”

Sustained Outcomes: The Beauty of Middleground Mastery

What happened to Brent’s One-derland?

For a period during the quarantine, Brent saw One-derland, weighing in at 198lbs.

After Brent resumed a more normal cadence of entertaining clients, traveling and enjoying evenings out with friends, he found what was required to produce that number on the scale felt like deprivation. Brent tapped into his wisdom and instead of choosing the old, broken approach – one grounded in self-aggression rather than inspiration – he chose his middleground, an approach grounded in self-love.

This has allowed Brent to preserve a number on the scale that leaves him proud of himself, enjoying life and feeling great.


Wondering what would become possible for you and your life through giving up the broken “all or nothing” approach and mastering your middleground? With your weight handled, once and for all?

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