Calcium: Are you getting too much?

The truth about calcium supplementation


Earlier this week one of my patients in her late 50’s emailed me about the calcium supplement I recommended for her. She said her primary care doctor wanted her to get more calcium than I’d recommended: 1200mg of calcium daily and 1000 IU of vitamin D. Her ask: “Will you recommend a different calcium supplement with a higher amount? This only has 700mg.”


The problem?


Studies show supplementing with higher dose calcium does not reduce the risk of hip fractures compared to people who are not supplementing at all. And that’s the point of a calcium supplement – to prevent fractures associated with osteoporosis, aka low bone density. Some studies even suggest that higher dose calcium may increase the risk of heart disease.


Conclusion: Too much of a good thing is not a good thing. 


How did her doctor get this wrong?


I like to think about our professional skill set as a tool kit. Whether you are a lawyer or a financial analyst, a coach or a physician, it is important to know the offerings and limitations of your tool kit. Traditional doctors have a well honed tool kit of prescription medications and surgeries.


With only 20 hours of nutrition-based education provided in the entirety of their medical school, it is unreasonable to expect their tool kit (in the absence of additional, intentional training) to be well equipped for data-driven natural interventions.


There is nothing wrong with this, just something we all should be aware of. When you need your oil changed, you don’t go to the car wash.


Should you require antibiotics, you don’t come see me, a data-driven natural medicine practitioner. But if you’d like to reduce your need for antibiotics, master sustained weight loss, manage your hormones, or improve your energy naturally…I’m your gal. 😉


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