IRON: Just how important is it?

There is “pumping iron” and then there is the iron your body needs to function! Wondering what’s the big deal about iron? Below is a 3-minute read on the ins and outs of this essential nutrient.


1) WHAT does iron do?

Iron is essential to myriad physiological functions, allowing you to…

  • Experience optimal energy

  • Think clearly

  • Focus

  • Build muscle

  • Fight infections

  • If pregnant – grow a healthy human

  • Have healthy hormone levels (essential for feeling good, healthy menstrual cycles + fertility)

  • Produce healthy neurotransmitters (essential to mood)


2) WOULD I benefit from an iron supplement?

Maybe. But you don’t want to be cavalier about supplementing with iron. Iron is what I like to call a “goldilocks” nutrient.

What do I mean by that?

➡ Too little iron = big problem

➡ Too much iron = big problem

➡ Just the right amount of iron for your body = golden


3) HOW do I know if I have enough iron? Isn’t this being tested at my annual exam?

Well…sort of, but not exactly. The most common test for diagnosing an iron deficiency is called a “CBC” (complete blood count). Among other things, a CBC looks at the health of your red blood cells.

But according to research up to 40% of iron deficiencies are not identifiable by a CBC. (!!!)

The most accurate assessment of your iron levels will include a variety of tests including…

  • CBC

  • serum iron

  • transferrin saturation

  • iron binding capacity

  • ferritin


4) OKAY, but do you think I have low iron levels?

It is unlikely you have low iron levels if you are…

  • a male

  • a female who is not menstruating

It is possible you have low iron levels if you are…

  • pregnant

  • a menstruating female

  • a male or a female with IBD

  • experiencing any symptoms associated with low iron

  • a male or a female who engages in rigorous exercise

  • a male or a female who does not consume red meat

has an undiagnosed underlying condition that is causing blood loss


5) WHAT do you think I should do?

Well, if you have any symptoms associated with low iron, to me, it makes good sense to get tested!

Testing is the foundation of “data-driven natural medicine” and one of the keys that makes my Well Empowered work different from the natural health specialist down the block.

In caring for my clients and patients, I do not guess.

I do not make recommendations based on what has worked for me or Jane or Joe.

I make recommendations, grounded in science, based on your body’s needs as demonstrated by your labs and decades of research and experience.



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