Words Create Worlds

Our words serve as much more than descriptions, instructions, requests and promises. The nuances of the words we choose communicate our beliefs – about ourselves and the world – to listeners and serve as reinforcement of these beliefs for ourselves.

Today we’re going to focus on a sneaky little 4-letter word that robs you of your power. A word you likely have been lacing into your spoken and written sentences for decades. This seemingly innocent (yet wondrously disempowering) word is “JUST”.

What’s the big fuss about “just”?

“Just” communicates one of two things:

1.   An apology, communicating that you are wrong for what you think, the request you’re making, your commitments or the actions you took.

Ø EX: “I just thought the lamp would look better over there.” “I just want to check in and see how that project has been progressing.” “I’m just trying to consume more vegetables.”

2.   Belittles and demeans what you have accomplished or what you intend to accomplish.

Ø EX: “I just eliminated my food sensitivities and was able to get off the prescription medication I was taking.” “I just want to be a weight I feel great about so that I’m able to play with my kids.”


 The good news is that you are not a chair. We humans are malleable. We have the ability to dismantle long standing disempowering perspectives.

How to do this? 

  • See your habit perspectives (with kindness).

  • Seize the opportunities you see.

Begin by eliminating “just” from your vocabulary. While stepping into an empowered perspective is not a one-word task, being intentional about your word selection will – with repetition over time – become a fundamental tool in stepping into a new, empowered perspective.

Your empowered perspective will lead to empowered thoughts. Your empowered thoughts to empowered actions. And your empowered actions to (well) empowered outcomes.