Melatonin, Sleep + COVID

Melatonin, Sleep + COVID

Do they have a connection?


If you’d like to do a deeper dive into sleep, its immune system benefits, melatonin and COVID implications, you’ll find many gems in The Atlantic article, “The Mysterious Link Between COVID-19 and Sleep”.

For those of you looking for Cliff Notes, here you are!



Melatonin, our sleep hormone, plays an essential role in healthy immune system function. It is a “Goldie Locks” molecule, ensuring that your immune system’s response isn’t so robust that it’s destructive to your body.

Did you know?

➡ A study showed that people supplementing with melatonin were less likely to catch COVID. If they did get sick, they were less likely to die from COVID.

➡ A study showed that those with COVID who were intubated had better survival rates if they were given melatonin.

➡ High quality and sufficient quantity of sleep prior to vaccination makes them more effective.


What can you do?

Action items:

  1. Prioritize sleep!

    Does your sleep need a little help? Sleep hygiene practices to consider:

    • Create and stick to a sleep schedule

    • Create a caffeine curfew (no caffeine after 10am)

    • Avoid all electronics 45 minutes before bed

  2. Melatonin supplementation

    • “Standard” melatonin to fall asleep

    • SR “sustained release” if you have difficulty staying asleep

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