Grab + Go Snacks

Fundamental criteria for selections:
– Snack = 180-250 calories
– Sugar grams in the single digits
– Grams of protein greater than grams of sugar
– Simple ingredients

Based on your nutritional needs and dietary restrictions, please be sure to review ingredients to make sure the item is appropriate for you. Remember, perfection is a myth! Progress is making the best choice possible in any given moment vs “the ideal” choice.


1. PaleoKrunch Grain-Free Granola Bars

All other “flavors” have higher sugar than desirable.

UPSIDE: Meets all the criteria!
DOWNSIDE: Crumbly, require two hands to enjoy. Difficult to find in stores.

2. Select KIND bars

 UPSIDE: Easy to find if you’re on-the-go. Can swap for a higher sugar treat/dessert.
DOWNSIDE: More processed than ideal.

3. Autumn’s Gold Grain Free Granola Bars

Just shy of meeting the ideal selection criteria for grams of protein greater than grams of sugar (p – 5, s – 6), this bar still makes the list for its simple ingredients. In addition to Amazon, it is available at Costco.

UPSIDE: Simple ingredients. Low sugar.

DOWNSIDE: Sugar 1 gram higher than protein.

4. Angie’s Boomchickapop Sea Salt Popcorn 1.25 ounce bag  

UPSIDE: Meets all the criteria! Single serving sizes provide a great strategy to prevent overeating. Made from non-GMO corn.

5. Daily Nuts Super Seven Mix – single-serving packs of trail mix.

UPSIDE: Simple ingredients. Single serving size to prevent over-eating.

DOWNSIDE: Grams of protein (4g) is less than grams of sugar (6g).

6. Beanfields or Beanitos – Get a few more calories (90) with a single serving of Sabra guacamole.

7. Baba Hummus, BYO veggies or a few Beanfield or Beanito chips for your dipping delight!