TRIUMPH CRAVINGS – Three Essentials You Need to Triumph in Your Nightly Tug-of-War with Ice Cream

It’s 5pm and one thing you know for sure is that you will NOT be lured by that pint of ice cream in the fridge tonight. Last night was the last night that you eat right out of the container. The thought of cookies and cream makes you sick…until the clock strikes 10pm.

And somehow yet again, despite the voice in your head berating you for your weakness and failing, you’re standing with your head half in the freezer and a big spoonful of that delicious ice cream in your mouth. You finish off the pint thinking, “Why not? I screwed up anyway, might as well finish it.”

Sound familiar? If I just recounted last night’s happenings in your home and in your head, this is a Mini-Monday you don’t want to miss!

In this Mini-Monday 15 minute webinar, you’ll walk away with the three essentials you need to triumph in your quest to triumph over cravings. If you weren’t owned by cravings, what would become possible for you in your life?

  1. How will you remind yourself of your why, who, what?
  2. How will you create a proactive pause in your days?
  3. What is your winning plan?
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