What is Schisandra?

Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis) is a plant native to northern China and commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Schisandra is an adaptogen. Adaptogens are a class of natural substances that support the body in adapting to stressors – physical, emotional and environmental. 

Might I benefit from Schisandra?

Laundry list of uses:

  • Liver health, stress reduction, fatigue, excess hunger, emotional eating, constipation

Learners, read on…!

Schisandra can address many health issues. 

Often, schisandra is used to support the liver and aid in detoxification. This herb assists in preventing fat accumulation in the liver, helps regenerate liver tissue, and lowers specific enzymes associated with liver health (AST, ALT and GGT). 

Schisandra’s adaptogenic properties are known to combat stress, fatigue, and excessive hunger. Its extract is known to help the body restore balance and increase energy. 

Frequently, hunger can often come on due to stress. One may find that eating patterns, including emotional eating, lessen when taking schisandra.   

Last but not least, schisandra has laxative properties and can provide relief from constipation. 

What is the right amount of Schisandra?

100mg, two times a day is commonly used when Schisandra is part of a combination product, such as one of my favorite liver support supplements, Liver Detox by Protocol for Life. 

When used alone, doses of up to 1000 mg/day have been shown safe and effective in supporting the stress response. Vital Nutrients makes a great solo-schisandra supplement.

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