Your Vision of Vitality: Access to Unprecedented Health Outcomes

New Perspective. New Action. New Outcomes.

Yes, it’s true, whether you’re committed to mastering sustained weight loss, healthy digestion or posting cholesterol numbers that validate your heart health, a big part of your success rests on knowing how to produce your desired outcome. Essentially, you’ll need to answer the question:

“What do I need to do to produce these new outcomes?”

Many people turn to me for data-driven answers believing these data-driven answers are all they need to produce the new outcomes they seek.

But in my decades of guiding people to victory in producing and sustaining their “must-have” health outcomes, I’ve seen one truth play out time and time again:

New information does nothing. 

It’s only when you translate relevant information – new and prior – into sustained actions that you produce and sustain new outcomes.

Simply put:

New + effective sustained actions = new + measurable sustained outcomes

If only life changes were that simple.

You would be able to say “no thank you” to your standing 10pm date with that pint of ice cream. You wouldn’t even consider having that third glass of red wine. And you would definitely choose that luscious salad over the steak frites.

Over decades of curiosity and commitment to my clients’ vitality victories, I’ve come to know the difference between those who prevail and those who fail in producing and sustaining the health outcomes that matter most to them. I’ve taken these learnings and adopted an approach that gives you access to getting out of your own way, consistently taking effective actions and learning from your errors and failings – which will happen.

New perspective. New action. New outcomes.


“Thoughtfully creating your Vision of Vitality Statement is imperative to accessing new and sustained actions.”


To translate relevant information into sustained actions (and therefore sustained outcomes), in the domain of health – perhaps more than anywhere else – you’ll need a new perspective. I invite you to do the work, right now, to cultivate a new perspective that – quite literally – has the ability to save your life.

We’ll start our work to rock your perspective world by having you answer two questions that form the foundation of what I call your “Vision of Vitality”.

  1. What are your “must-have” health outcomes?

I mean each of these words deliberately.

First, they are your must-have health outcomes. Not your wife’s or husband’s or partner’s, your best friend’s or even your doctor’s. YOU are the one who must have them.

Second, they are your must-have health outcomes. They are not your wants. According to you, these are outcomes that you’ll do just about anything ethical and legal to produce for yourself.

Third and last, they are your must-have health outcomes. They are the result of your effective actions, not the actions themselves. They are what happens – in the way your body works, in your experience and in your data (lab tests, weight, blood pressure, etc) – when you are taking effective actions.


If you’re committed to mastering your health, you’re going to have to make your “why” bigger than your immediate “wants”.


 When answering this question, “What are my must-have health outcomes?” I invite you to look in four specific places:

➡ how you feel (digestion, energy, mood)

➡ how you look

➡ what you’re able to physically do

 ➡ your longevity likeliness

You may have an answer for each of these four areas or you may have an answer for one or two. Over years or decades, you may find one area is more important to you than another. This is quite normal and an expression of the evolution that is a part of your life experience.


2. Why must you have these outcomes?

Now that you’re clear on the details of your must-have health outcomes, let’s turn our attention to “why” you must have them. The reason for this is simple: “You don’t buy what you do, you buy why you do it.” There is nothing particularly compelling about skipping that aforementioned ice cream or red wine or steak frites…until there is. If you’re committed to mastering your health, you’re going to have to make your “why” bigger than your immediate “wants”. If you’re willing to look at the real consequences – ie what it feels like to stand in the shoes of your future self without vs with your must-have health outcomes – this will be an easy task.

When answering this question, “Why must I have these outcomes?”, you’ll want to look at two sides of the same “why” coin – pain and pleasure. Both are essential in formulating your true “why” that has a Herculean ability to turn previously unimaginable action into a stable habit over time.

On the pain front – or what I call the “stick on the back”:

  • What does your life look like in 5 years without your must-have health outcomes? What is it like to get dressed in the morning?

  • What will you forfeit – in experiences, in peace of mind, in contribution – if you do not prevail in producing your must-have health outcomes?

  • Now look ahead 10 years and 20 years. What has the state of your health cost you – financially or in time on this great earth?

Sufficiently convinced that a future without your must-have health outcomes is one you do not want to know? Excellent.

Let’s move on to pleasure – or what I call the “carrot dangling”:

  • With your must-have health outcomes realized, what will become possible? For yourself, for others, for the world? Look at next year, 5 years and 10 years to answer this question.

  • What will your day-to-day experience be like with these must-have health outcomes as you get dressed and move about your day?

  • Who will you become for yourself and for others by triumphing in producing your must-have health outcomes?

Now for the finishing touches. I invite you to take the thoughtful work you’ve done and craft your very own “Vision of Vitality Statement”, a two to three sentence statement capturing the truth of your must-have health outcomes, the “what” and the “why”.  Because your subconscious doesn’t understand negatives (“not”, “won’t”, etc), the most powerful Vision of Vitality Statement will be an expression of what you are for. You’ll want to avoid using words like “won’t” or “not” or “never”. Also, using declarative words VS hope-full words will strengthen the power of your new perspective expressed in your Vision of Vitality Statement. Hope-full words communicate a wish rather than your true commitment and include words such as “try”, “want” and “just”.

Now to the truth of your Vision of Vitality.

Thoughtfully creating your Vision of Vitality Statement is imperative to accessing new and sustained actions. But remember, it’s not just any action that produces new outcomes. Only effective actions produce new outcomes. Are you ready to put your new perspective to work? Are you ready to master sustained and empowered weight loss? Claim the freed up headspace you know awaits you when your cholesterol and blood pressure are picture perfect? Heal your skin and balance your hormones?

Let’s get to work in answering the question:

“What do I need to do to produce these new outcomes?”

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