Dr. H’s Reflections

This month, I decided to switch it up and share my reflections on a practice I have found meaningful in my own health journey. My intention in sharing is to leave you with access to elevated – and elevating – health and vitality. 💚

Playing a better game right now – even if it’s far from what you envision as your perfect game – paves a path to playing your best game in the future. 

Whether it’s in the area of health or finances or relationships, a common misconception is that new information produces new outcomes. 

The truth is new information by itself does not produce new health outcomes. 

Only accurate information coupled with consistent, effective actions creates new health outcomes.

Yes, it’s true. To produce new outcomes in the area of health, we need to take new actions. 


Some of the actions we’ll need to take are “inactions”. We need to be a “no” to the extra glass of wine or to the electronics in bed or to the fourth cookie. 

And we need to take those actions – and inactions – consistently. 

But where do we start when we feel overwhelmed by the task at hand? Where do we start when we have years or decades of practicing dancing between over-indulgence and deprivation?

We start by playing a *better* game. 

We start by playing a better game now.

After struggling with prioritizing sleep for many decades — where I consistently let five minutes of phone time balloon into forty-five — I started by putting my phone on airplane mode before I brushed my teeth. Later on, I added more habits, but I started simple.

What is my best game right now?

This is the question I invite you to ask throughout your day and week ahead. 

Slow down, ask this question and honor the wisdom that arises. 

Playing a better game right now paves a path to playing your best game in the future.